UGST Alumni Association Officers


Mel Reddy
Class of 2007

Dana Fee
Vice President
Class of 2012

Everett Gossard
Alumni Communications
Class of 2007


Norman Paslay, II
Alumni Finance
Class of 2008


Mike Hall
Alumni Policy

Matthew Johnson
Alumni Promotions

Notable Alumni


“UGST is a place where I discovered what my ministry was. When I first arrived I didn’t know, really, why I was there or what I was doing. During the course of the process I discovered that my calling was education, and through that I was offered a job to work back home through the Bible school. So if you’re looking for a place to find your ministry, or a place to confirm your calling, UGST is the place to come.”
– Kym Swile (MACM, 2015)


“Having graduated and fulfilled my time at UGST, [I see] how it has added richness to my life, my walk with God. I believe it has blessed our congregation. It has impacted tremendously how I come to the text, the Word of God, and has given me such a well rounded knowledge of the world we live in, and the lens through which i can look at this world.”
– Stan Gleason (MACM, 2015)


“I realized I needed additional resources, and education, to effectively, and courageously, the challenges that the 21st century represented. I looked at lots of options of secular pursuits for a masters degree. But thank the Lord I really gave Urshan Graduate School of Theology a hard look and realized, not only would it give me the educational element i was looking for in a masters degree, but would immediately enhance my apostolic perspective and empower me as a pastor with a whole new world of resources.”
-Norman Pasley (MTS, 2008)