Projects & Volunteer Information


Your financial support is important! The Urshan Library has several projects in the works. Here are some areas your contribution can make a difference:

    • Elevator- We need access to the library for the handicapped. In order for the school to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) we need an elevator. This is a finding in our accreditation approval. There is a non-working elevator in the building but now there is insufficient electrical power, out of date technology and the space is smaller than new code allows.
    • Library Shelving- Currently, the library houses more than 50,000 books. Additional shelving (quality and style that matches existing shelving) will be necessary as we occupy new floor space and continue to grow the size of the collection.
    • Security System- Electronic gates that detect material that is not properly checked out of the system are expensive. Each item in the collection needs a “tag” either magnetic or RF activated can cost between $.25 to $.75 each. The labor to place these tags in the material and implement the system takes time and money as well. Starting estimates for such a system vary between $15,000-$30,000.
    • Library furniture- Student work space is crucial for good library assessment. Libraries need adequate study space with a ratio of one study space for every eight students. Given the present enrollment for both schools we need approximately 40 study places. Costs are estimated at $8,000-$12,000.
    • Circulation Desk- Currently, the circulation desk is somewhat makeshift with two standard metal desks pushed together. An adequate waist high circulation desk can be purchased or made. A minimal unit starts at $2,500.
    • Staff room/repair center – Books are extremely susceptible to rips and tears. A sink with hot and cold water, book press, and a good freezer (should reach -20 degrees Fahrenheit to kill mold and destroy the larvae of book worms) is needed. Freeze drying is also a very successful process in the rescue of water damaged materials. Cabinets, countertop, plumbing and freezer altogether may cost $3,000 to $5,000 before installation costs.


Volunteer Information:

You can be a part of history in the making! Building and developing library reources requires various skills and talents. We offer an opportunity for you to become involved and make a significant contribution! The Urshan Library has some rewarding volunteer experiences available. This is an excellent way for paraprofessionals to be trained and mentored into the library science field.

  • Labeling- The unending task of matching new acquisitions to spine labels and bar codes and then marking and identifying each item for proper shelving and circulation is one of our greatest needs.
  • Shelving- Patrons are asked not to reshelve the books they peruse and use. To maintain proper records of use and better shelf order at the end of the day, only library staff may place items back in their proper place. This task requires a person with good attention to detail.
  • Computer Lab Assistant- The computer lab is extremely popular and requires constant attention. Routine system maintenance procedures, and regular cleaning of keyboards, mouse works, and monitors is necessary. A person familiar with Microsoft software and network operations is essential.
  • Cataloger- Matching newly acquired material to computer records (MARC) is a very technical and detailed process. Persons with good concentration and a love for accuracy will be cordially welcomed.