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Urshan Graduate School of Theology admits qualified men and women of the Apostolic faith to further prepare them for Christian service. The decision to admit a student rests solely with the Admissions Committee.

Admission to the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, or Master of Theological Studies program is based on the following considerations:

Urshan Graduate School offers opportunity for students to begin taking classes as a non-matriculated student. In this way, students may enroll in a short-term course or a distance-learning course to discover first-hand whether or not they want to enroll in a degree program.

Students may take as many courses as they would like as a non-matriculated student, but they may only transfer up to twelve credits into a degree program. Regular tuition and fees apply to courses taken as a non-matriculated student.

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Urshan’s welcoming 40+acre campus is situated in Wentzville, a Western suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. The Urshan campus provides students with a distinct academic environment in which to pursue their education. We would be honored to have you visit our beautiful campus and experience all that Urshan has to offer!

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