Relocation out of the question?

Designed with discipleship in mind, UGST is preparing students for work in the harvest fields of a postmodern, educationally enlightened, but spiritually starving world. Your path to 21st century ministry begins here!

The Distance Learning program at UGST is fully integrated with the on-campus program so that all UGST students may take regular semester on-campus courses, Short Term (intensive courses offered each January, March, June, and October), and online courses, in any combination to complete the requirements for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Theological Studies, or Master of Divinity. A minimum of 24 credits earned must meet a residency requirement. For those who cannot attend on-campus during a regular semester, all of the courses required for degree completion will be made available through online study and short term courses. The on-campus requirement is typically fulfilled through two weeks of study in St. Louis each year (one week in January; one week in June).

The Distance Learning program has been designed for your convenience and flexibility without sacrificing academic and spiritual quality. This is not traditional correspondence school. Each online course is actively taught by our highly qualified and experienced apostolic faculty. This program is not for everybody. The work is demanding and the courses rigorous, but the rewards are immense!


Admission requirements for the distance learning program (Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Theological Studies, and Master of Divinity) are the same as on campus programs. It is recommended that distance learning students complete one online course, and one short term course before matriculating. This will demonstrate the student’s ability to complete both types of classes.

Financial Aid

Requirements are substantially the same as for on campus students. There is financial aid available for both full and part-time students; however, a minimum of 6 credits per semester is required. Full-time for distance learning is 12 credits. This is not recommended for most distance learning students due to time constrictions and the balance of full-time jobs, church commitments, and family responsibilities.

Residency Requirements

UGST policy and the Association of Theological Schools currently require that at least 24 credits fulfill residency. Most students find a degree to take 4 years to complete and commit to coming once each June and January in order to fulfill this requirement. The sole exception is in the first year of study when all students are encouraged to take an August term, Biblical Interpretation, as their first course at UGST.

State Authorizations

Urshan Graduate School is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA).  UGST also ensures separate agreements with non-NC-SARA states such as Massachusetts.  Agreements with agencies and accrediting bodies are posted on the website for public information. Information on individual state approvals is made available upon request from the distance learning office.