Short Terms

What is a Short Term?

  • Basically, a week of intensive study on campus which is prefaced by reading and pre-class assignments as well as papers or projects which are due following the on campus segment
  • Typically, a short term course is equivalent to 3 credit hours
  • Open to all students who wish to earn graduate school credit (non-matriculated students can submit a Guest Application to take for credit)
  • Prerequisites may be required for some courses
  • Any non-matriculated student may apply to audit for personal growth and training

Short Terms are an excellent way to try out UGST! You may take the class for ministry enhancement or use the course as a springboard for further study. For more information, contact our director of admissions at (314) 838-8858 Ext. 2005 or email at [email protected].

FAQ for Short-Term Courses

2017 Short Terms

January Short Term

  • HT601 Story of Christianity (R. Johnston)
    • Course duration: October 24-February 10
    • Meets on campus: January 2-5
    • Last Day to Register: October 13

March Short Term

  • PC622 Pastoral Counseling (C. Miller)
    • Course duration: January 8-April 20
    • Meets on campus: March 12-16
    • Last Day to Register: December 29
  • BI520 Biblical Interpretation (J.Runck)
    • Course duration: January 8-April 20
    • Meets on campus: March 16-18
    • Last Day to Register: December 29

June Short Term

  • MN611 Introduction to Preaching (D. Butler)
    • Course duration: April 9-July 20
    • Meets on campus: June 4-8
    • Last Day to Register: March 23
  • PC627 Counseling in the Church: Group Dynamics (C. Miller)
    • Course duration: April 16-July 27
    • Meets on campus: June 11-15
    • Last Day to Register: March 30
  • BI535 Leadership in the Bible (C. Paris)
    • Course duration: April 23-August 3
    • Meets on campus: June 18-22
    • Last Day to Register: April 4