Urshan Symposium of Apostolic Pentecostal Scholars Feb 15-16, 2024


Schedule of Events


Registration – 11:00am-1:00pm

Faculty and Prospective Student Mixer (Limited to Registered Previewers) – Noon – 1:00 pm

Devotion – 1:00–1:15pm, Dr. Cindy Miller

Plenary Session #1 – 1:20–1:55pm – “A Transcendental Phenomenological Study of Clergy Hindrances to Seeking Help and Implementing Self-Care for Overcoming Stress and Burnout” – Kerri Wilson

Plenary Session #2 – 2:00pm-4:15pm, Local Church Governance, Facilitator: Dr. Norris

1. Strong Pastor Model: Rev. Eli Lopez
a. Respondent: Rev. David Huston
b. Follow-up by Rev. Eli Lopez

2. Churchwork: Working Towards a Pentecostal Ecclesiology: Rev. Rodney Shaw
a. Respondent: Rev. Tom Trimble
b. Follow-up by Rodney Shaw

3. Abuse of Pastoral Authority: Servant Leadership as a Preventative Model: Rev. Lisa Reddy
a. Respondent: Dr. Chad Flowers
b. Follow-up by Lisa Reddy

4. General Q&A

Split Session: Bible College Papers – 4:20-5:00pm

Split Session: Studies in Acts – 4:20-5:50pm

1. “The God-Ordained Appointment that Orchestrated Firsthand Apostolic Testimony of the Spirit Baptism on the Samaritans” – Rev. LJ Harry

2. “Luke’s Narrative Approach in Acts 9:1–20” – Adam Andris

3. “The Chiastic Narrative of Acts 16:16–40: Binding and Loosing Modeled in Exorcism to
Imprisonment” – Rev. Carla Burton

4. “Paul and Socrates at Areopagus: The Triumph of Christianity’s First Defense before
Greek Intellectuals” – Rev. Kade Wilson

5. General Q&A

Split Session: Practical Theology Papers – 4:20-5:00pm

1. “Using a Team Model for Quality Assurance in Apostolic Translation” – Dr. Liane Grant

2. “Analyzing Trends in Small Group Ministry” – Rev. LeeAnn Alexander

3. General Q&A

Dinner Break – 5:50–7:30pm

Plenary Session #3 – 7:30pm-9:00pm – Urshan Chapel, Speaker: David K. Bernard


Plenary Session #4 – 9:00-11:15am

The Church and Culture

1. Speaking in Tongues in Popular Culture: Dr. Chris Paris
a. Respondent: Rev. Jason Weatherly
b. Follow-up by Chris Paris

2. Why Theology is Important: The UPCI and the Theology of Race: Dr. Robin Johnston
a. Respondent: Rev. Micheal D. Robinson, PhD
b. Follow-up by Robin Johnston

3. Retention of Youth in the Apostolic Church: Dr. Margaret Banks
a. Respondent: Rev. Cullen Chrestman
b. Follow-up by Margaret Banks

4. General Q&A

Plenary Session #5 – 11:20am-12:00pm – “‘Be Baptized Now, and Baptize Us Also: Reframing
the Narrative of Andrew D. Urshan’s Encounter with Russian Pentecostals” – Rev. Jacob A. Palma

Lunch Break – 12:00-1:30pm

Split Session – Scholarly Dialogue – Biblical Theology – 1:30-3:25pm; Facilitator: Dr. Jared

1. “John for Readers of Luke-Acts: Backwards Reading Strategies and Literary
One-Upmanship” – Dr. Jeffrey Brickle
a. Respondent: Dr. Jeremy Painter
b. Follow-up by Jeffrey Brickle

2. “Johannine Christology: Background to the Prologue” – Dr. David Norris
a. Respondent – Dr. Jeffrey Brickle
b. Follow-up by David Norris

3. “Aramaic and LXX Influences on Messianic Psalms” – Dr. Daniel Segraves
a. Respondent: Dr. Chris Paris
b. Follow-up by Daniel Segraves

4. General Q&A

Split Session – Scholarly Dialogues – Practical Theology, Location: Urshan Chapel, 1:30pm – 4:05 pm; Facilitator: Dr. Cindy Miller

● “Self Care as Stewardship” – Dr. Jennifer McCurrach
● The Mediating Factor of Servant Leadership in Ministerial Compassion Fatigue” – Rev.
Kara S. McCoy
● “A Five-Point Biblical Model as A Holistic Mental Health Intervention” – Amberlin Salas
● Panel and General Q&A — Rev. Mitchell Bland and Dr. Dan Butler

● “Diversity and Leadership in the Church” – Dr. Melvin Reddy
○ Respondent: Dr. Dan Butler
○ Follow-up by Melvin Reddy
● “The Great Omission: Factors that Drive Underutilization of the Edification Gift of Apostleship in the Contemporary Church” – Dr. Clay Jackson
○ Respondent: TBD
○ Follow-up by Dr. Jackson
● General Q&A

Practical Theology / Ministry Paper Presentations, Location: Urshan Chapel – 4:10-5:00 pm
● “Making Student Learning More Effective and Transformational” – Dr. Lisa De Leon
● “A Connection between Adult English Language Learners and the Church” – Francy
● General Q&A

Split Session: Paper Presentations – Biblical Theology Track, 3:30-5:00pm – Facilitator – Dr. David Norris                              ● “Ears to Hear and Eyes to See: A Biblical Theology of Sensory Dysfunction and its
Implication for Apostolic Hermeneutics” – Rev. Joshua Abrego (PhD Candidate)
● “Rethinking Heaven: Towards a More Biblical Eschatological Framework” – Jasher
● “‘O God’ or ‘God Is?’: An Inductive Approach to the Grammar of Hebrews 1:8 / Psalm
44:7 LXX” – Clayton Killion
● “The Power of Grace in Pastoral Leadership: A Socio-Historical Analysis of Paul’s
Theology of Power in the Corinthian Correspondence” – Rev. Seth Simmons
● General Q&A
Split Session: Paper Presentations Historical / Other Track, Location TBD – 3:30-5:00pm –
Facilitator – Dr. Dan Littles
● “The Structure of the Heavenly Host and Its Role in the Cosmological Understanding of
the Early Church” – Rev. Brian Roberts                                                                                                                                                   ● “Pre-Modern Pentecostal Movement Glossolalia” – Rev. R. Kent Smith
● “The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: A Conceptual Analysis of the Theological
Framework Imposed upon the Translation Process of the 1611 KJV” – Rev. Lori Wagner
● General Q&A

Dinner Break – 5:00–7:00pm

Plenary Session #6 – 7:00pm-8:30pm – Urshan Chapel; Speaker: Rev. Eli Lopez

Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative venue for engagement in the diverse fields of Apostolic scholarship and their application within the life of the church.


  • Create a framework that enables mutual support among Apostolic scholars in the spirit of Christian love and fidelity to sacred scripture.
  • Draw from a wide range of ancient and modern sources, texts, and traditions to enhance, strengthen, and support the faith of the church.
  • Facilitate collaborative work that employs diverse practices of inquiry and scholarship reflecting the varied expertise and life of the global church.
  • Create resources in a variety of mediums for dissemination to the church at large.


The participants in the Urshan Symposium of Apostolic Pentecostal Scholars shall be composed of persons belonging to the Apostolic Pentecostal faith tradition, who are interested in both engaging with and contributing to scholarship within the Apostolic Pentecostal movement. Submissions from scholars with at least a master’s degree are given preference, but proposals from students, autodidacts, and experienced ministers are welcome.

Local Housing:

Fairfield Inn

130 Crossroads S Dr, Wentzville, MO 63385

Phone: (636) 332-5000

Ask for the Urshan College Rate. Indicate that you are personally paying for the room, not direct bill.

Hampton Inn

150 Wentzville Bluffs Drive Wentzville, MO 63385

(636) 445-3780

Ask for the Urshan College Rate. Indicate that you are personally paying for the room, not direct bill.