Join us as we go “Forward with Urshan” and launch a Season of Giving to address our current and future capabilities to equip the Apostolic church.

OUR GOAL: $2,000,000

OUR GIVING SEASON: 2 Years (May 1, 2021- May 1, 2023)

Forward With Urshan Progress

Big things are happening at Urshan!

In just the last two years, Urshan College (UC) and Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST) have relocated to a beautiful new campus and received full regional accreditation. These two milestones have brought unprecedented growth and momentum to both UC and UGST. 

The rapid growth of Urshan’s student body has quickly brought about an immediate need for funding to launch campus expansion. Expansion projects include:

  • A new residence hall to support enrollment growth, now and in the future
  • A new and enlarged chapel/conference space 
  • Additional administrative offices and classrooms for both UC and UGST

Forward for Students

Urshan is currently equipping students ranging from young adults to global leaders who are focused on better fulfilling their God-given purpose. 

This Season of Giving enables us to address our campus limitations so that we will never have to turn qualified students away.

Forward for the Mission

Our mission is to prepare Apostolic men and women through higher education for service in the Church and to the world

This Season of Giving makes mission-fulfillment more effective by expanding our administrative and educational capacity to continue to maintain quality, offer new degree options, and further advance our distance learning program.

Forward for the World

Urshan is a ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). The UPCI mission is to, “Carry the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church.”

This Season of Giving expands our capability to invest in students, preparing more trained Apostolic servant leaders fulfilling their calling to Kingdom ministry.