From the President…

The Urshan Graduate School of Theology is an exciting development, unprecedented in the Apostolic movement. It exists to prepare men and women for Christian service, to preserve our apostolic doctrinal heritage, and to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.

Since I grew up in home and foreign missions, these goals have always been important to me, but they became especially meaningful when I received a word from the Lord in 1980. At that time, after six years of college, I moved to Beaumont, Texas, for the summer to work as a law clerk, with the goal of becoming a lawyer after one more year of law school. Without planning on my part, I found myself invited by several local churches to teach midweek Bible studies, to speak to youth groups, and then to preach in regular services. I would perform my legal duties during the day and then rush home to prepare for church activities at night. Although I considered myself, and introduced myself, as a law student rather than a preacher, I ended up preaching or teaching twenty-one times in eleven weeks.

My last night in Beaumont, as I prepared to return to Austin for my final year at the University of Texas School of Law, I sought the Lord for direction. He drew my attention to Colossians 4:17: “Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.”

I realized that God had given me a ministry that I had not planned for or sought but that I needed to accept. That night I decided that, while it would only be good stewardship of my time and money to finish law school, upon graduation I would somehow enter the ministry full time. From that day till now, I have felt compelled to use whatever abilities and insights God has given me in an attempt to advance His kingdom.

The Urshan Graduate School of Theology provides each of us-faculty and students-a unique opportunity to prepare ourselves more fully for service in God’s kingdom and ultimately to fulfill the ministry that God has given us. We welcome students from a variety of cultural, social, racial, and national backgrounds who have experienced the new birth, embraced the apostolic doctrine, and responded to the call of Jesus Christ. We provide a supportive community where gifted people can prepare themselves for manifold ministries. Students and faculty worship, pray, study, learn, and enjoy life together-always striving to grow in the image of Christ.