Apostolic Legends

Apostolic Legends is a scholarship program that allows you to honor a legend in your life. For $25,000, an annual $1,000 scholarship will be awarded not only to continue the story of a legend in your life but also enable scholarship recipients to write their own.

Apostolic Legends Scholarships

Brittany Milan

“I’m so thankful that someone extended the difference, which Robbie Bilbrey made, all the way to me.” Brittany Milan – Scholarship RecipientApostolic Legends Scholarships

  • Rev. & Mrs. Robert Allman Scholarship
  • Rev. & Mrs. James Beardsley Scholarship
  • Rev. David K. Bernard Scholarship
  • Rev. Elton Bernard Scholarship
  • Rev. Loretta Bernard Scholarship
  • Ms. Robbie Bilbrey Scholarship
  • Rev. James E. Carney Scholarship
  • Global Missions, UPCI UC Scholarship
  • Global Missions, UPCI UGST Scholarship
  • Rev. & Mrs. Garth Hatheway Scholarship
  • Rev. James E. Kilgore Scholarship
  • North American Missions, UPCI Scholarship
  • Rev. Gwyn Oakes UGST Scholarship
  • Rev. & Mrs. Nelson Pamer Scholarship
  • Rev. D.L. Welch Scholarship
  • Rev. Paul Welch Scholarship
  • Rev. Jesse Williams Scholarship