Services and Facilities Available to Student with Disabilities

Urshan Graduate School of Theology encourages students with disabilities to apply. Urshan Graduate School of Theology will do its best to provide designated parking spaces and open access to campus facilities for students with disabilities. Special seating arrangements may be made through the office. Students requesting special forms of testing due to learning disabilities must provide the registrar evidence of competent professional evaluation of the disability and specifications of assistance required. Generally, students with disabilities should work with the academic dean to ensure their needs are met. According to our capabilities, UGST will provide means to ensure your experience is rewarding and comfortable.

Handicap Accessibility

The first floors of Buildings 1, 2, 3, & 5 are equipped with handicap accessible ramps for students in need of these services. Access to the following services is available:

  • Building 1: Food Services
  • Building 2: Administrative offices, Business Office, Student Accounts, Student Mailboxes, Laundry Room, and Room 100 (UC Classroom)
  • Building 3: UGST Classroom A & B, UGST Student Lounge and CafĂ©
  • Building 5: Library circulation desk and study areas.

One on-campus, handicap accessible apartment is available for rent. Handicapped parking areas are located in the front of Building 1 and in the back of Building 3.

Student Success Center:

All Urshan students may take advantage of the services offered by the Urshan Student Success Center. These services include:

  • Academic Coaching: face-to-face advising as well as access to electronic course modules that students can take to improve study skills, note taking, time management, etc.
  • Writing Center: tutoring to sharpen skills in research, writing, and reasoning skills. Services are available to all students regardless of classification or degree program. Students on academic probation or with known deficiencies in writing may be required to seek help from the Writing Center.
  • Peer2Peer Tutoring: students who wish to support their peers academically volunteer time in the USSC.
  • Academic Mentoring: incoming students who are admitted on provisional status as well as students who have not maintained satisfactory academic progress, will have regularly scheduled meetings with the Student Academic Support Officer(s). These mentoring meetings are designed to help students achieve their personal GPA goals as well as continued academic success.
  • Counseling referrals: students may receive referrals for access to professional counseling services for their mental and emotional health.