Urshan Acquires New Campus in Wentzville, MO

After once again experiencing record-breaking enrollment this fall, it became clear that the Urshan System needed to strategically plan for continued growth in the future, requiring us to evaluate the capacity and sustainability of current facilities. An outside consultant was contracted to evaluate facilities, assess necessary renovations, consider new construction options, and to determine associated costs. The conclusion was that continued growth has added a great deal of stress to the current infrastructure.

Based on a five-year growth projection, we were presented with four options (with their estimated costs) to meet growth demands: 1) remain at the current campus, upgrade facilities, and construct new buildings for housing; 2) build all new facilities on our current property; 3) purchase a new campus and make necessary renovations to accommodate occupation; and 4) restrict future enrollment growth for the short-term, remaining on the current campus, and only address immediate needs.

During this process, a new property came on the market in Wentzville, MO., consisting of five buildings on 43.24 acres (double the acreage of our current property). The Wentzville property was presented for consideration as a viable third option. For a period of 60 days, due diligence was conducted on the property (inspections, zoning, renovation needs, finances, and selling of current property). On November 8, 2018, after reviewing all options and the results of the due diligence, renovation needs, finances, etc. the board officially moved to purchase the Wentzville property.

Today became another major milestone for Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology as we closed on the new Urshan Campus, located at 1151 Century Link Drive in Wentzville, MO. It is our intention to begin the 2019-2020 academic year at this new property. The current campus is for sale, and we have already spoken to interested parties.

The Howdershell campus has been our home for over forty years. The memories that have been made here are forever marked on the hearts of thousands who have walked its halls. While we have treasured the opportunity to have this beautiful and historic campus, there are significant challenges for our future growth. This decision was made with a great amount of prayer, fasting, counsel, discussion, and consideration of the Urshan Community as a whole. We are seeing God do an incredible work in our schools and this is just the beginning of their growth. By moving to the new Wentzville campus, we are positioning ourselves for long-term growth. We honor the past and all it has built for us, and we move forward in Him! Please continue to be in prayer over the next several months that this transition will go smoothly. What an honor that God has allowed us to be here for this time in Urshan’s history!


Rev. Brent Coltharp, DSL, President

Rev. Jennie Russell, M.A., Executive Vice President

The Urshan Board of Directors