Withdrawal Procedure

Officially Withdrawing From The Institution

A student who is in good academic standing and does not wish to seek a Leave of Absence (LOA) may voluntarily withdraw from UGST. Students should seek withdrawal if they are leaving UGST at the completion of semester or if they choose to drop or withdraw from all of their courses during the semester. Students who withdraw must meet all financial obligations based on the time of withdrawal. Any scholarships will be rescinded for withdrawing students. Scholarships from the current semester will be removed from the student’s account, and the withdrawing student will be responsible for the full amount owed. Students should review all refund policies under “Tuition Refund Schedule.” Students should also review the UGST Financial Aid Handbook.

Students living on campus will be expected to vacate their room or apartment upon withdrawing from UGST.

Withdrawing students will not be allowed to attend classes, lectures, chapel, or any seminary activities.

Students choosing to withdraw from UGST after the official drop period will receive a grade of WP or WF for each course in which they are enrolled. If extenuating circumstances prompted the withdrawal, students may request that the Academic Affairs Committee change all grades to W.

Before deliberately withdrawing, students are strongly encouraged to speak with their academic advisor and/or the academic dean.

A student who deliberately withdraws from UGST but later wishes to return must notify the registrar by March 1 in order to return in the fall term and by October 1 in order to return in the spring term. The academic dean must approve the student’s request to return. If the request is denied, the student may appeal to the Academic Affairs Committee. The decision of the committee is final.