UGST Alumni Association Officers

Notable Alumni


“UGST is a place where I discovered what my ministry was. When I first arrived I didn’t know, really, why I was there or what I was doing. During the course of the process I discovered that my calling was education, and through that I was offered a job to work back home through the Bible school. So if you’re looking for a place to find your ministry, or a place to confirm your calling, UGST is the place to come.”
– Kym Swile (MACM, 2015)


“Having graduated and fulfilled my time at UGST, [I see] how it has added richness to my life, my walk with God. I believe it has blessed our congregation. It has impacted tremendously how I come to the text, the Word of God, and has given me such a well rounded knowledge of the world we live in, and the lens through which i can look at this world.”
– Stan Gleason (MACM, 2015)