Urshan’s complaint and grievance policy is intended to accommodate issues of serious merit and may not be abused by frivolous claims. Fair and prompt resolution of legitimate student grievances is a vital part of Urshan system’s professional and ethical commitment to its students.

All parties in the grievance process shall be guided by Christian principles as specified in the Urshan Honor Code and shall conduct themselves in both verbal and written expression in the highest tradition of Christian love and mutual respect.

Policy Statement

The Urshan system’s recognition of a student’s right to make complaints adheres to the following policy:

Urshan takes every complaint or grievance seriously. Urshan aims to address complaints and grievances through a resolution process that:

  1. Is impartial and fair to all parties involved
  2. Is carried out with transparency and consistency
  3. Is accessible and available to all students
  4. Is handled within established timelines
  5. Respects the privacy of all parties involved
  6. Is appropriate for dealing with complex and sensitive issues
Students may make complaints or grievances without fear of reprisal.  

Grievance Procedure

The grievance procedure is as follows:

Complaints should be addressed to one of three appropriate offices:

  • Complaints regarding student life to the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Complaints regarding academics or faculty to the Office of the Academic Dean
  • Complaints regarding institutional issues or administrative personnel to the Office of the Executive Vice President.

STEP 1: When a problem or issue arises, students are advised to seek information and assistance from the appropriate supervisory office. Students have three options for proceeding:

  • Take no further action.
  • Make comments or suggestions regarding the issues. The majority of complaints are resolved successfully at this step.
  • File a formal written complaint (SEE STEP 2 BELOW).

STEP 2: A student files a formal written complaint to the appropriate supervisory office responsible for the service, decision, or action about which they wish to complain. The appropriate supervisory office will endeavor to find a resolution.

  • Formal written complaints should be filed via the Urshan complaint portal.
  • Receipt of grievance will be acknowledged in writing in no more than 10 business days.
  • Resolution of grievance will be reached within 30 days.

STEP 3: If satisfactory resolution has not been obtained at this point, students may file a formal appeal with the Executive Vice President who will hear the complaint and render a final decision based on all the evidence presented. Only the President of the institution may overturn this decision.


Form to submit an official grievance.

  • Department/Leadership with whom you have a grievance.
  • The expectation is that discussion and/or attempted resolution has occurred prior to submitting a grievance. A grievable action is an action that: Is in violation of written institution policies or procedures; or Constitutes an arbitrary, capricious, or unequal misapplication or misinterpretation of written institution policies or procedures.