Admission FAQ

Q: Do I need an undergraduate major in theology or religion to attend UGST?

A: No, most of our students did not major in theology or religion for their undergraduate work. Some of their undergraduate majors include Biology, Mathematics, Human Resources, and Music.


Q: Is financial aid available?

A:Students are eligible to receive federal student loans via the FAFSA, also UGST offers numerous scholarships. You can view these under Financial Aid  and Scholarships and Loans in the Admissions section.


Q: Does UGST provide housing?

A: Urshan Graduate School of Theology does not provide housing for students. Upon request the admissions office offers assistance in locating affordable housing.


Q: How does UGST cooperate across organizational lines?

A: UGST is owned and operated by the United Pentecostal Church International. Our purpose is to serve not only men and women from the UPCI, but the larger apostolic movement as well. We currently have students from other apostolic organizations.


Q: Can I qualify for federal financial aid?

A: As an accredited seminary by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), UGST students currently qualify for federal loans.


Q: Are international students able to study at UGST?

A: International students have the option of being an on campus or distance learning student. International students are accepted at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. We have approval from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services to issue the I-20.


Q: Can I apply to UGST without an accredited Bachelor degree?

A: While UGST can accept a few students without an accredited baccalaureate, the number is limited. However, UGST Can accept many graduates from any of our UPCI endorsed Bible Colleges. Contact the Admissions office for further details.