Masters: Apply for Full Admission (US & Canada)

The faculty and administrative staff of the Urshan Graduate School of Theology know that applying to a graduate program can sometimes seem overwhelming. We have attempted to make our application process as short and straightforward as possible. Complete the following steps to successfully apply for admission:

Campus Visit

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to visit Urshan Graduate School of Theology as part of the application process. The visit involves a tour of the school and its facilities, attending a sampling of classes and talking with students. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at least two weeks prior to the planned visit.

Complete Application Form

Complete online. There is a nonrefundable $75.00 application fee.

The application includes two essays:

  1. An essay that tells about your conversion experience and your call to Christian service. Include information that helps describe who you are as a person, your goals, and your dreams. Tell about church ministries and activities in which you have participated, particularly those in the last two years. This essay should be two to four typed double-spaced pages.
  2. An academic paper, or sample thereof, written during an applicant’s undergraduate program that is a minimum of 3-5 double-spaced pages. If the applicant cannot produce an academic paper from his/her undergraduate study, one may be composed on a topic of the applicant’s choosing. The paper should contain a minimum of four academic sources cited via footnotes.

Essays are evaluated on both content and writing ability. The Admissions Committee may require an otherwise qualified student to receive approved tutorials in writing when composition skills are weak.

Application Deadlines:
Fall- May 1
Spring- November 1

Urshan operates on rolling admission which means our admissions office reviews applications throughout the year. Should an applicant apply or still need to complete an application once the deadline has passed, the application could be considered if the following is met: There must be enough time for the application to be processed, reviewed, and the student enrolled should an applicant be accepted (an estimated 4-6 weeks before classes begin). This timeframe includes any breaks/holidays that Urshan observes. If the Admissions Committee does not feel that time permits/is adequate for all departments to complete this process, we reserve the right to roll your application over to the next semester.

Official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities attended

Transcripts are considered official when bearing the issuing institution’s seal and mailed directly to Urshan Graduate School by the institution. The academic transcript should confirm the applicant’s completion of a bachelor’s degree. Download request form to submit to your college/university (each school may have its own procedures).

Three Recommendation Forms

Pastoral Recommendation Form

  • In the case where a pastor is applying for admission, the form should be filled out by the district superintendent or equivalent if the applicant is from another apostolic organization.

Academic Recommendation Form

  • A professor or college official who is familiar with the applicant’s academic background

Personal Recommendation Form

  • A personal recommendation by someone other than a family member


After the application file is complete, the applicant will interview with one or more members of the Admissions Committee. During the interview, the applicant can ask additional questions. The interviewer will discuss the application with the prospective student along with his/her goals.

Application for Financial Aid

Visit the Financial Aid section for more info.