Distance Learning

Relocation out of the question?

Designed with discipleship in mind, Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST) is preparing students for work in the harvest fields of a postmodern, educationally enlightened, but spiritually starving world. Your path to 21st century ministry begins here!
The mission of UGST is to provide training, development, advanced studies, and a research center to prepare Apostolic men and women worldwide for Christian service. Our distance learning program utilizes effective technologies to provide affordable and accessible learning opportunities to students who are unable to embrace the traditional method of education.
Those who study online benefit from the same dedicated credentialed faculty, student services, and Apostolic environment as our on-campus students; making it possible for you to attain your degree via distance learning. This program is not for everyone. The work is demanding and the courses rigorous, but the rewards are eternal!

Residency Requirements

Urshan Graduate School of Theology and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) currently require students to fulfill residency credits in order to obtain a degree. These can be accomplished by taking short terms/intensives. Most students will commit to enrolling in a short-term once each semester in order to meet this requirement.

Course Format

Distance learning courses at UGST are designed specifically with you, the student, in mind. A course being offered within a semester is typically 8 or 15 weeks long and is comprised of a variety of instructional methods such as discussion posts, recorded lectures, assignments, and course readings. Course formats include: online, intensives/short terms and live courses (i.e. courses conducted in real time).
For more information on short terms/intensives, visit our FAQs or email us at [email protected]

State Authorizations

View all Accreditation and Endorsements for Urshan Graduate School of Theology here.