Policies and Procedures

Important Deadlines

Urshan Graduate School of Theology has rolling admissions. Applicants can be accepted as soon as their file is complete and they have fulfilled all the criteria necessary for admission. However, to have the greatest opportunity for scholarship assistance, scholarship requests should accompany applications prior to the following dates: For the fall semester, applications should be received by May 1st. For the spring semester, applications should be received by November 1st.

All material must be submitted to:
Urshan Graduate School of Theology
Admissions Office
704 Howdershell Rd.
Florissant, MO 63031

Any questions about the admissions procedure may be directed to the Admissions Office. Please call (314) 921-9290 or email [email protected]

Transfer Credits

Students transferring to Urshan Graduate School of Theology from other institutions must provide official transcripts of all previous academic work as part of the regular admission requirements. Due to the difficulty of evaluating a student’s work from another institution, final evaluation will be made based on the student’s first semester work at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. In general, only courses with grades of B- or better from an accredited graduate institution may be transferred to Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

The number of credits that can be transferred varies by degree program. The determination is made by the academic dean. In general, no more than a third of the credits will be considered for transfer due to the distinctive nature of the program at Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

Students may receive advanced standing from an accredited undergraduate religion or Bible degree. ATS requires a written and/or oral assessment to show “that students have the knowledge, competence, or skills that would normally be provided by the specific courses for which they have been admitted with advanced standing.” Advanced standing cannot be automatically granted based on ministerial experience or content of undergraduate work. A maximum of 1/6 of master’s degree credits may be granted as advanced credit.

A student normally will be excused from courses that parallel those from a previously attended accredited graduate institution with permission from the faculty member involved or the academic dean. Such waivers must be approved by the academic dean. Elective credit may be given for appropriate parallel study. In cases where course work done elsewhere is partially parallel, the instructor may allow partial class attendance and assign special research projects to fulfill the course requirements.

Visiting Scholars

Students who wish to take courses from Urshan Graduate School of Theology to transfer into a degree program at another institution may do so by completing a Visiting Scholar Application prior to registration for a course. These forms may be obtained from the Admissions office. Students intending to transfer credits from Urshan Graduate School of Theology to another institution must realize that acceptance of credit is entirely at the discretion of the receiving institution.


Urshan Graduate School of Theology does not provide housing for students. Upon request the admissions office offers assistance in locating affordable housing.

English Language Skills

All prospective students for whom English is not their first language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applicants also are required to take the test of Written English section. For general standards of graduate work in English, a total score of 550 or above on the paper test or 213 or above on the computer test is required for admission. For further information concerning times and places of TOEFL test administration, contact the Educational Testing Service, Box CN6151, Princeton, NJ 08541-6151. In special circumstances, students may be given conditional admission. Such students will be required to take additional courses in written and spoken English until their skills are judged to be adequate.

Students whose first language is not English may be permitted additional time equal to one third of the ordinary amount allotted for examinations and final exams. The student must begin the exam at the time stated (the privilege is not intended for students who arrive late). Students seeking additional time for in-class examinations must make arrangements with the instructor to take the examination outside of the regular class period.

Readmission of Students

Students who have been away from the Urshan Graduate School of Theology for more than one year must submit a readmission application, available from the Admissions Office. The application fee is waived for all returning students. Former students desiring to return to Urshan Graduate School after attending another school must submit a readmission application. (Official transcripts of credits earned since leaving Urshan Graduate School of Theology are required.)

Restricted Admissions

An applicant whose bachelor’s degree is from an unaccredited institution or whose undergraduate grade point average was below a 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, but otherwise is approved for admission, may be probationally admitted. A maximum of 10% of the student body may be accepted under this category. After demonstrating the capacity to do satisfactory work (at least 2.5 GPA) over two semesters of fulltime study, the probationary status will be revoked. The student will then be granted unconditional status in his/her degree program.

Students with Disabilities

Urshan Graduate School of Theology encourages students with disabilities to apply. Urshan Graduate School of Theology will do its best to provide designated parking spaces and open access to campus facilities for students with disabilities. Special seating arrangements may be made through the office. Students requesting special forms of testing due to learning disabilities must provide the registrar evidence of competent professional evaluation of the disability and specifications of assistance required. Generally, students with disabilities should work with the academic dean to ensure their needs are met. According to our capabilities, UGST will provide means to ensure your experience is rewarding and comfortable.